How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

  • blog_date.png 2017-09-11
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Recent surveys indicate that up to 94% of businesses use social media when they’re recruiting new employees. This is a massive market and if you don’t want them to be sifting through your drunken photos from the uni days then the best bet is to create a LinkedIn profile. A professional website for joining professionals together through work and similar interests, it is a great way of promoting yourself before you even apply for a job. So what are the dos and don’ts for setti

Contract jobs on the rise in Singapore!

  • blog_date.png 2017-02-01
  • blog_admin.png Reecha Kumar
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Contractual jobs in Singapore are now easier to find as companies are coming up with temporary roles. A 2015 survey by Robert Walters, the global staffing firm, suggests that employers in Asia, particularly in Singapore are increasingly hiring manpower on a contractual basis. The report also suggests that 50% contractual roles are in finance and insurance.

What makes Contractual jobs in Singapore a popular choice for the employers?

Need for Innovation – In order to k

Three Benefits of working on Contracts!

  • blog_date.png 2017-01-05
  • blog_admin.png WeiMin
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3 Benefits of Contract Employment

These employees are a “small but important part of our workforce.”

They are contract employees who are unlike permanent employees. They operate under a fixed-term service contract, which unless renewed, will e

Upload a video resume and get noticed! 

  • blog_date.png 2016-12-10
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Upload a video resume and get noticed! 

In today's saturated job market, competition is tough with numbers of potential employees jostling for the exact same position. Emerging as an eye-catcher amongst the hundreds of conventional applications pouring seems daunting, but it is possible with a dash of innovation. Be bold and stand out from the masses by submitting a video resume!

Instead of being stationary, a video resume enables you to showcase

Why are Employers increasingly adopting Corporate Wellness Programs?

  • blog_date.png 2016-12-10
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Corporate wellness programs are positively impacting businesses of all sizes. Nowadays, businesses are integrating wellness strategies to create an overall health enhancing work experience along with incentive programs to enhance employee’s participation and awareness in corporate wellness. This article precisely highlights the significance of such programs on employee’s personal and most importantly professional life.

Today, the fact cannot be denied th

Six tips to make a good impression in a job interview

  • blog_date.png 2016-12-09
  • blog_admin.png Bharat Garachh
  • category.pngUpskilling

You've probably heard of the importance of making a good impression at a job interview. This stage is the most important part of the selection process, since it is the opportunity of the employer to meet you personally and offers you enough information to create an opinion of you.

But giving a good impression not only means dress appropriately, aspects such as responses, body posture and reactions to possible situations, can make the difference when it comes to getting the job.<