Contract jobs on the rise in Singapore!

Contract jobs on the rise in Singapore!

  • blog_date.png 2017-02-01
  • blog_admin.png Reecha Kumar
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Contractual jobs in Singapore are now easier to find as companies are coming up with temporary roles. A 2015 survey by Robert Walters, the global staffing firm, suggests that employers in Asia, particularly in Singapore are increasingly hiring manpower on a contractual basis. The report also suggests that 50% contractual roles are in finance and insurance.

What makes Contractual jobs in Singapore a popular choice for the employers?

Need for Innovation – In order to keep innovating, big and evolving companies have various short term projects. They prefer to hire employees on a contractual basis for these projects. The contractual jobs for short term projects generally range from one-two years. Data shows that most of the contractual employees are absorbed on a permanent basis.

Requirement for Specific Skills – Contractual roles offer the choice of getting specialists for projects that require specific skills, but that might not be required by the company in the long run. So if you have skills that are niche or high in demand, be happy. An MNC might be looking to hire you on a contractual role in Singapore.

Stand-in Arrangement – Contractual roles have always been a requirement for employers to fill the vacancies created by permanent employees on long term leave for medical or maternity reasons. Employers don’t want to lose their permanent employees and thus hire staff on a contract basis to fill in the gap.

The rising trend of contractual roles in Singapore is not only welcoming by the employers but also a great opportunity for people who are looking to start their career in the companies of their choices.