Six tips to make a good impression in a job interview

Six tips to make a good impression in a job interview

  • blog_date.png 2016-12-09
  • blog_admin.png Bharat Garachh
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You've probably heard of the importance of making a good impression at a job interview. This stage is the most important part of the selection process, since it is the opportunity of the employer to meet you personally and offers you enough information to create an opinion of you.

But giving a good impression not only means dress appropriately, aspects such as responses, body posture and reactions to possible situations, can make the difference when it comes to getting the job.

"Never speak badly about your previous bosses, no matter how bad experience you have had, it is better not to give that kind of opinion because it can show you as an unreliable person.

ContractUsNow some tips for you in the interview show the best of you.

1. Arrive early

Plan the time that will take you to the place of the interview. There is no worse impression than being late for the job interview. Punctuality shows that you care enough about work. But do not overdo it, about ten minutes is enough, otherwise, if you arrive a half hour before or more you will have to wait and your coach may not see it in a positive way.

2. Dress for the occasion

Whatever the work, it is necessary that formal views, this way you will prove that the work you take it seriously. Avoid warm colors; a good choice is navy blue, dark gray and black. Neutral colors will be your allies in this quote. He wears a proper hairstyle, nothing too crazy, the simpler the better. Women should not use too much makeup.

3. Leave the salary to the end

It is probably one of the topics that you care about or you care about, but you should leave it to the end and show more interest in the motivations and expectations of the work. If you state that it is the most important thing, you will immediately lose several points, as the employer will understand that it is your main motivation.

4. Maintain eye contact

Maintain eye contact all the time of the interview, as it is a way of showing interest, security and trust.

5. Solve your doubts

The interview can not end without clarifying all your doubts, this will also show interest in the job. Some points that should be very clear are: What is the length of the working day? How many people will I have to supervise? (If you are aiming for a supervisory position).

6. Adopt adequate body language

Posture is one of the most powerful non-verbal communication aspects that offer more relevant information of the type of person you are. Staying upright will denote confidence and security, as for the face, give a smile from time to time, this will generate a much more affable atmosphere.